2402DAKKOTA-He took the MILF with him taped up and gagged over his shoulder!

10:17 video

Dakkota Gray


He had given Dakkota plenty of time to pay him back and now his patience has run out. He went to her house and when she still didn't have his money, he grabbed and started binding her with duct tape. Dakkoat tried to resist and protest. But once he had her all trussed up, her protesting came to an end when he stuffed and taped a pair of her panties in her mouth to gag her. Dakkota struggled hard to get loose. But she was wrapped very tight and soon she realized she wasn't going anywhere. And, with her mouth packed full and tight, she found it impossible to make enough sound to alert her neighbors. After a while, the man returned to tell her that he was taking her with him. But first he ripped her shirt open and pulled down her tight "Daisy Duke" shorts. He then lifted Dakkota up over his shoulder and carried her away with him.

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