2402KENDRA-Late with rent again-Now I am going to get tied and tickled

10:05 video

Kendra James

Kendra is always late with her rent and she keeps bouncing checks. So today while she was talking to a friend there was a loud knock at her door. It was her landlord and he wasn't happy. So Kendra writes him another check thinking he will just leave her alone. But not today. He is going make a point. First he ties her up with rope. Then to give her something to think about just in case this check bounces. He grabs her bare feet and starts tickling Kendra. This goes on for sometime until he starts tickling her sides, thighs and underarms. Then he starts tickling her feet some more. Then some more and some more. All during this time, Kendra is driven wild with uncontrollable laughter. Finally he stops and tells Kendra that he is going to the bank to cash her check and if it bounces, he will be back to give her some more tickling. Just to make sure, Kendra down't holler out and get help, he stuffs a pair of her panties in her mouth and tapes her mouth shut. Then to humiliate Kendra, he pulls down her shorts and pulls up her top to expose her boobs. He leaves Kendra struggling bound and gagged as he heads to the bank. Kendra already knows the check will bounce, so she has to get loose. As she cries out through the gag, she realizes that it would be better to find a loose knot and get herself loose. It will do embarrassing if one of her neighbors found her all trussed up in her panties with her boobs out. Kendra's efforts pay off as she is able to get her hands untied. When she unties herself, pulls off the tape and gets the red panties out, she realizes that she needs to find a new place to live.

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