A2401TINA-Baby sitter jumped and tied up in the dark

11:07 video

Tina Lee Comet

The last time Tina played a game with them, she ended up getting tied up and gagged. So today when they asked her to play another game, she refused to play "Cops and Robbers" Instead she agreed to play "Hide and go seek". After covering her eyes and counting to one hundred, she went looking for them. But when she went looking in the basement, someone turned the lights off. All of a sudden, Tina was jumped in the dark. There are shouts and the sounds of a fight. Then when the lights go back on, there she is all tied up with rope. Tina was very angry and demanded to be untied. She was especially mad when she caught looking up her skirt at her panties. When she sees them with a pair of their mother's panties, she knows that they are planning to gag her like they did the last time she played this game. All of a sudden the lights go out again. There are shouts and protests in the dark that soon turn to muffled grunts and whimpers. When the lights go back on, Tina is now mouth stuffed with panties and gagged. She squeals loud at them through the gag as she tries plead with them to untie her. But they are having way too much fun with their babysitter just the way she is, bound, gagged and giving them a nice view of her white panties. Not to mention that her blouse is now unbuttoned and her bra is also showing. Then just when Tina thought that things couldn't get much worse, the lights go out and again there are the sounds of a struggle. When the lights go back on, Tina is now hogtied in her bra and panties. She struggles hard to get loose, but she knows that there is no way she is getting untied without help. As she lays there on the concrete floor, she swears to herself that she will never play another game with them no matter how much they beg.

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