2401MINX-Jogger struggling bound and gagged with her panties down

12:08 video

Natelie Minx


Natalie was out jogging in the country. As she ran through an orange orchard, a man came out of nowhere and grabbed her. He hauled her away in his vehicle and took her to his place. There he took her into a bathroom and stripped her down to her panties. Natalie tried to resist as he tied her up with rope. Then to keep her quiet, he stuffed her mouth and wrapped it with red tape to gag her. Natalie struggled hard to get loose and managed to get on the floor. But before she could go anywhere, the man returned. To punish her, he bent her over the bathtub and pulled her panties down he then left her struggling bound and gagged in the bathtub with her panties down to her knees.

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