2401TINA-Sister in Law wanted to be tied up and gagged

13:17 video

When he went down into his basement, he found his step-sister in lawTina looking though his things. Things he kept secret from everyone including his wife who was Tina's sister. "Does my sister know you are into seeing girls tied up?" She asked him as she thumbed through a Bondage Magazine. When he told her "No" and asked her not to say anything to her sister, Tina offered to make a deal with him. "If you tie me up and gag me like one of the girls in this magzine, I wont tell her anything!" She told him. Since his wife was very straight laced, the man was surprised to find out his sister in law was very kinky and he gladly accpeted her deal. Using rope he tied her up very tight on the basement floor. But he was surprised when Tina started screaming for her sister. Until he realized that she was only doing it because she wanted him to gag her. As he stuffed her mouth with panties and started tying a rag between her teeth, Dixie started moaning with pleasure. Tina was then left to squirm around in the basement bound and gagged. She had always wanted to feel what it was like to be tied up like in some of the scenes she had seen in movies and television shows. As she layed there completely helpless, she thought to herself. "Maybe my -brother in law will notice I am not wearing panties and will take advantage of me tied up and gagged so helpless" But things were about to take a turn for the worse for Dixie as her brother in law returned with a camera. Worried that Tina might continue to Blackmail him with her step-sister, he had a plan to make sureTina stayed quiet. He sat her up and pulled her blouse open to show her tits. He then lifted her skirt to find Tina was not wearing panties. Then after hog tying his kinky step-sister in law, he started shooting pictures of her. He told her that if she ever said anything to her step-sister, he would post pictures of Tina bound, gagged and exposed all over the internet. Tina squealed through the gag as she tried to protest, but there was nothing she could do but lay there and wait for him to do whatever he wanted to her. She was soon going to find out that from now on she was going to be her step-brother in law's little bondage whore. Forced to come over anything her sister was away so he could tie her up, gag her and do anything he wanted to her.

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