2401GRLX2-Bound and gagged right next to my naked room mate!

11:09 video

JJ Plush and Erika Kole

One night I came back to the hotel room from the convention center with my friend Erika. We were going out later and we both needed to get ready. So Erika says she's going to go shower first, and I sit down to read. All of a sudden I got a strange feeling that someone was looking at me through the window. I turned around to see a man in sunglasses holding some towels and staring at me. I got up and pulled the curtains closed, shaking it off and sitting back down. Then someone knocked at the door and when I went to answer,it was the guy with the towels!! I told him we didn't need towel, but he told me he would leave them anyways. So I point over to the sofa for him to drop them there. He came in and the closed the door behind me. All of a sudden, he pulls a g-n on me, forces me down on the floor and stuffs panties in my mouth. Before I can spit them out, he duct tapes my mouth closed. Then he ties my wrists behind my back. He then leads me over to the bed, ties my elbows together tightly behind my back and then puts me in a hogtie one the bed. After he leaves me there to struggle, I try to cry out for Erika. Moments later she comes out of the bathroom just wearing her towel. She tries to help me out but the guy grabs her, forcing her on the bed. The next thing I know, Erika is tied up naked right next to me. Before she can make any sound, he quickly stuffs panties in her mouth and uses duct tape to finish gagging her. So here I am tied up next to my naked friend on a hotel room bed! I can't even imagine how embarrassed she must have felt. After he had gone through our things and taken what he wanted, he comes back and pulls my boobs out of my bra. Erika and I have no choice but to lay there bound and gagged. We tried our best to get loose. But we were tied so tight, it was hopeless. All we could do was squirm around on the bed whimpering until someone finally came in and freed us.

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