2309MINA-Neighbor girl hogtied & gagged in the garage

10:13 video


Since her car was broken down, Mina had been getting a ride to class from her neighbor. But today when she went over, her neighbor was not there. Instead she was met by a strange man who turned out to be a robber. He needed to keep Mina out of the way while he waited for the neighbor to return home. But he couldn't just couldn't just let her leave. So he her into the garage where he found some rope. He tied her up and stuffed a pair of panties in her mouth to gag her. To make sure she couldn't spit the panties out, he tied a rag tightly between Mina's pretty red lips. Mina squealed loud as she tried to get the gag out of her mouth. She struggle with him as he her on her stomach so he could hogtie her. Luckily for her Mina's neighbor, she was stuck in traffic and didn't make it home for hours. The robber got tired of waiting and left. Mina would struggled hard to get loose. But it would be a while before her neighbor would get home and find the cute little coed all tied up & gagged in her garage.

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