SVBC0329-Busty blond lured and tied up

11:20 video

Britney Nicole

A man was tired of all the crime in his neighborhood. So, he decided to do something about it. His first job was going to be getting rid of all the hookers who worked the streets outside his home. Today he lured a named Britney to his place, leading her to believe he was a customer. But when he got Britney to his place, he tricked her into lying face down on an old mattress. When he grabbed her hands and started tying them behind her back with rope, Britney though he just had some kinky ideas and told him that tying her up would cost extra. But when he got rough and tied her very tight, Britney started to protest. It was about this time that Britney started to realize this was was not what she expected and she was being . To keep Britney from screaming, the man stuffed and tied a pair of panties in her mouth to gag her. Now that Britney was muffled, the man used more rope to tie her elbows together and to hogtie her. He told Britney that he was going to rid his neighborhood of people like her and that she was going to be taking a trip out of the country once it got dark. He left Britney to struggle bound and gagged as he went to make arrangements to drive her south of the border. Britney struggled hard to get loose, But she was tied very tight and about all she could free were her big boobs from under her dress.

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