OSB2110-Truant step daughter punished toe tied and gagged with her big tits out

16:22 video

Chichi Medina

Chichi's step father is paying lots of money to send her to college. But Chichi has no desire to go to class and only attends school for the social life. Today he has caught at home planning to go out with her boyfriend. He tells her that he will be taking her to class instead. But when he walks out of the room Chichi gets on the phone to tells the boyfriend of a new plan that involves her sneaking out of school after her step father drives her there. The step father walks in right he she explains the new plan. Realizing Chichi needs to be taught a lesson, he takes her into the garage. He strips Chichi down to her bra, garters, panties and nylons and then ties her up with rope. "If you don't want to go to class, I will give you a reason to stay home. Then when Chich starts to complain and threatens to report this to her step-mother, the man stuffs and tapes a gag in her mouth. "You aren't telling anyone!" he tells his step father. And to make sure, he brings out a cell phone and shoots photos of Chichi in the situation. When he threatens to post them on Chichi's social media site, he knows she will not say a word. Especially when he pulls her bra down, hogties her and also ties her toes together and shoots more photos in this humiliating position.

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