SVBC0311-Tying up the School Principal in Lost and Found.

11:58 video

Savannah Costello

Savannah, the school principal called them into the lost and found room. She found a back pack that belonged to one of them and she was a little confused by what she found inside. One by one, she took out the contents of the back pack. First some rope, then some rags and finally lady's panties. She demanded that they explain what they doing with these items. But when she told them that they were a lot of trouble, they decided instead to show her what they items for. A short time later, Ms Costello found herself tied up with the rope. She was furious and demanded to be untied. She told them that not only was she going to report this to thier parents, but also to the authorities. After struggling to get loose for some time, Savannah saw them with the panties and demanded to know what they planned to do with them. She soon found out as a few minutes later, she was gagged with the panties stuffed and tied in her mouth. Savannah squealed loud through the gag trying to tell them just how much trouble they were in now. But they couldn't understand a word she said as they decided to leave her. Hours later, long after school was out, a school janitor would find the principal struggling bound and gagged in the lost and found room. And it was very embarrassing for her since by then, her skirt had hiked all the way up her hips and button on her blouse had popped open. As an added act of humiliation, the garters on her girdle were unclipped and her skimpy lace panties were also showing.

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