SVBC0309No one has to know I let you tie me up and gag me!

11:05 video

Riley Rose

His wife's best friend Riley asked him to come over to her place because she had something important to tell him. But when he found her down in her basement, Riley was dressed in only a bra, girdle, nylons and high heels. Worried his wife would find out that he was alone with her best friend in such an intimate setting, he told Riley to get dressed. But Riley had other plans. "I want you to tie me up!" she told him. At first he refused because he feared his wife would find out. Riley assured him that no one would ever know about this. So after promising him that all she wanted was to be tied up, nothing more, he agreed to do it. Little did he know though, Riley had the "hots" for him and she had no plans of just being tied up. She knew that once she tricked him into tying her up, she could blackmail him into do whatever she wanted. After he had her tied up, she told him that she also wanted to be gagged. But just before he stuffed a pair of her panties in her mouth, she told him that once her had her bound and gagged, she wanted him to have his way with her while she was helpless. She told him that if he didn't, she would tell his wife about him tying her up. Angry that Riley tricked him like this, he came up with an idea. After he stuffed and taped the panties in her mouth to gag her, he told her that he was not cheating on his wife with her. And, to make sure she kept her mouth shut about this, he was going to shoot digital photos of her bound and gagged like this and post them all over the internet for everyone to see if she said anything. Riley was furious as he brought out a camera and started shooting photos of her in various humilating poses. Then as an added bit of humiliation, he tied a piece of rope between her legs. He tied it so tight that it pushed her panties way up inside her and he made sure he got some very close up photos of this. Riley grunted and squealed through the gag as she tried to beg him to stop. Since she had no desire to let anyone see her like this, she was completely at his mercy now. She tried to promise him that would not say anything about this to anyone. But with her mouth packed full with a pair of panties and wrapped tight with micro foam tape , he had no clue what she was trying to say.

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