SVBC0291-He left his nosey Parole Officer hogtied and gagged.

10:07 video

Nicole Gray

He couldn't do anything without his parole officer, Nicole Gray nosing around and prying into his life. Today she came to his place and told him that because he was in violation of his parole conditions, she was going to take him in. But when she brought out her handcuffs, he decided that he was not going and Ms Gray was going to have to be dealt with. The next thing she knows, Nicole is over powwered and tied up. "I am not going anywhere and you will be staying here!" the man tells Ms Gray. And to make sure no one can hear her cries for help, he stuffs and tapes a gag in her mouth(On screen). Nicole is then left to struggle bound and gagged on the floor as the man makes arrangements to get out of town. Later he comes back and just before he leaves her, he puts her in a strict hogtie to make sure she can't squirm her out of the room. To make it very humiliating when she is found by her back up officers, he pulls her suit coat open and takes her bra so her big boobs will be exposed.

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