OSB2009-The little bastard stuffed my panties in my mouth!

Kendra Lynn from 2017

Kendra was his younger step-brother and step-sister's babysitter.  But they were off to school.  While home from college, Kendra and he have been engaging in a innocent non intimate friendship.  But this guy was hoping for a little more and Kendra may or may not also be up for something.  As long as they could keep it secret. So when he talked her into playing a tie up game, Kendra reluctantly considered it.  The game involved one of them tying up the other and, if he or she could get loose in a agreed upon time, he or she could tie up the other one.  When the young man agreed to let Kendra tie him up first, she decided to play.  After all, she did have some experience and was sure if she tied him up that he would never get loose.  After tying him up tight, she also humiliated him by stuffing his mouth with pair of his mothers panties to gag him.  Once she had him bound and gagged on the garage floor, Kendra showed him that she was wearing some of his step-mother's lingerie.  Mainly a girdle with garters she found while grabbing the panties to gag him with.  She also showed him her panties and told him that he was lucky that she didn't gag him with those. Giving him a 30 minute time limit to get loose, Kendra left him alone.  But in the next scene, it looks like Kendra didn't do such a good job.  Because now she is tied up on the floor of the garage.  And, to get even for humiliating him, the guy has taken the panties Kendra was wearing off of her.  When Kendra questions him why, she finds out when the next thing she knows, her panties are stuffed and taped in her mouth to gag her.  Now Kendra is furious and she tries to demand he untie her.  But those demands are ignored and things get even worse for Kendra.  Now her skirt has risen and the guy now has a great view of Kendra without any panties. He finishes things by hogtying her and pulling her tits out of Kendra's bra.

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