SVBC2008-Caroline Pierce-Maybe you can rip my clothes off too!

Girl Next Door Bondage Classice featuring Caroline Pierce. Like all other GNDB Classics, the video was shot before 2012 with a Mini DV Camera. 720 X 480

He forced the Nanny(Caroline) into a back room and told her to stay put. But she told him that if he wanted her to sit still and be quiet, he was going to have to tie her up and gag her. So when the man brought out some rope and started tying her up, Caroline suggested that he use a lot of rope and to make sure he tied it tight. She also told him that maybe after he was done ransacking the place and if he had a little extra time, maybe he could come back, get her naked and play with her. After he had her all tied up, Caroline reminded the man that she needed to be gagged. She even suggested that he stuff a pair of panties in her mouth. It was becoming obvious to the man that the nanny liked being tied up and he was happy to let her have her way. Sometime later, Caroline found herself alone in the room. She was tightly trussed up. Her panty packed mouth was tightly taped and she was very turned on. She tried to cry out through the gag for the man to hurry back and give it to her hard while she was helpless. After a what seemed liked hours (actually 15 minutes), the man returned with a pair of scissors. He slowly cut off Caroline's blouse and pulled down her skirt. Then with the scissors, he cut off her panties. Caroline was about to get exactly what she wanted(Implied). Several hours later, the lady of the house came home to find her nanny still bound, gagged and completely naked. But she didn't seem to be in too much distress.

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