OSB0423-Jamie Knotts-Don't be afraid to tie me tight and gag me to shut me up!

A man grabbed Jamie and took her to his hide out.  Jamie was scared out of her mind as she worried the man was going to do bad things to her.  But then she found out was only going to tie me up hold her for a short while.  Not only was Jamie relieved, she was also very excited.  This is because being bound and gagged was a big turn on and she had never been tied up by a man before.  So as the man tied her, she encouraged him to tie her as tight as he wanted to.  Then when the man complained that she talked to too much, Jamie told him that if he wanted to shut her up, he was going top have to gag her.  The man stuffed Jamie's mouth with panties and taped them in tight. When the man left her to struggle bound and gagged, Jamie was somewhat disappointed that he didn't seem interested in playing with her tied so helpless.  She got his attention and started shaking her big boobs. The man realized what she wanted and pulled her dress top down. Later, the man lifted Jamie's skirt and tied a crotch rope between her legs. This really got the curvy blond really excited and now she wanted more.  So when the man removed the gag and told her that he was going to let her go.  Jamie begged him not to.  She wanted to stay with him and hopefully have some real fun while tied up helpless.

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