OWT0038-Amanda Foxx-Maybe I can talk you into untying me and fucking me!

16:23 video

Two guys have grabbed Amanda and have taken her to their hideout to hold her for ransom. Once they have her trussed up and gagged, they contact her husband and he is more than willing to cooperate. So, one of the guy leaves to go meet with the husband and leaves the other guy to watch Amanda. One of the guys who grabbed her is very mean, but the other seems very nice and seems to have the hots for her. Amanda feels it is her lucky day because it is the nice guy who stays with her. Amanda uses her charm to seduce the guy into untying her. She lets him have his way with her and hopes this will give her the chance to get away.

The video begins after Amanda has let the man pull her panties down and have his way with her. Amanda hates to admit it, but she actually enjoyed that part of her plan. Slowly she dresses and sweet talks the man, hoping to get his guard down so she can escape. The plans seem to work when the man gets up and leaves Amanda alone. Seeing this opportunity, she gets and starts to sneak her way to the front door. But the man is no fool and he is on to her trick. He grabs her and drags her back into the living room. There he brings out rope and ties her up again. Amanda tries to sweet talk him again. She tells him that she wants to play with him some more. But the conversation ends when the man stuffs and ties a gag in her mouth. The man's partner calls him on his cell phone to let him know how things are going. The man tells him things are good this end too and that he has Amanda bound and gagged just like they had her when he left. He does not mention anything about untying her and having a little fun on the side. When he hangs up, the man pulls Amanda's top down to expose her big boobs. He also lifts her skirt. He then shoots photos of her in the embarrassing situation so he can send them to her husband just in case he has second thoughts about not coming through with the ransom money. Amanda struggles bound and gagged. There is no hope now of getting the man to untie her by using her charm. After all, he really doesn't need to untie her to have some fun. All he really needs to do is throw her over the sofa, get behind her and pull her panties down. And believe it not, that is exactly what Amanda thinking about as the tight rope starts to get her turned on again.

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