CRVY0052-Pepper Sterling-I have your lawyer bound and gagged!

16:20 video

He is talking on the phone to a person who is challenging him legally in court. The person on the other end thinks he has the evidence to bring this guy down and tells him that Ms. Sterling(Pepper) his attorney will be contacting him shortly. But the man tells the caller that he knows his lawyer well and has her in his room at this very moment working out a deal. He walks over to Pepper to show she is bound and gagged. He removes the gag with a warning for her not to say anything other than what she has been told to say. Very frightened, Pepper tells the man that she doesn't have the evidence they need after all and for him not to pursue this case. Before she can say anything else, the man stuffs her mouth again and finishes his conversation with Pepper's client. Then when he hangs up, he leaves the lawyer struggling bound and gagged. While he is away, Pepper tries to get to her cell phone to call for help. But the man returns to catch her and now she is in big trouble. The man re-gags her by stuffing her mouth with a huge pair of panties and tying the rag back between her teeth. He then ties her tighter and with more rope before pulling her blouse open. Finally, to make sure she cannot go anywhere, the man hogties Pepper. And, as an added incentive to cooperate, he pulls her bra down. The man then leaves pepper bouncing her big tits about as she struggles to get loose while he goes to her office so he can retrieve the evidence she and her client have on him.

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