MILF0057-Amanda Kent-Sassy MILF gets her mouth packed and wrapped

14:01 video

Amanda is talking to one of her neighbors on the phone. She is being told that some man broke into another neighbor's home and left her tied up and gagged. Amanda is told that the man was scared away by the authorities arriving and that he is still somewhere loose in the area. Amanda tells this person that the thought of being tied up by a man excites her and that she is not afraid of anything like this happening to her. Little does she know, but the fugitive bad guy is now in her house and is standing behind her. A short time later, Amanda ends her call and is grabbed by the man. Sure enough, she shows no fear and as the man ties her, she ridicules him. Tired of listening to her sassy remarks, the man stuffs her mouth with a pair of panties and wraps them in very tightly with tape. Amanda continues to try to voice her opinion as the man adds more rope until he has her completely trussed up. Amanda can hear the sounds of speeding cars outside as the authorities continue to look for the bad guy. They have no clue that he is now hogtying and crotch roping Amanda at this very minute. Eventually they will come to find Amanda bound and gagged with her tits out. But by then, the man will be long gone, maybe in some other house tying up some other neighborhood woman.

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