BONUS1903-Pandora-She took a stranger home and had him tape her up

10:21 video


Pandora and her husband had a fight and he left her stranded somewhere. So Pandora met a stranger and talked him into teaching her husband a lesson. Knowing her husband would not be home, she took this stranger to her house and told him to make it look like something bad happened to her. She told him that she wanted him to tie her up. But having no rope, the man used tape and soon had Pandora all trussed up nice and tight. "Now go upstairs and make it look like I was robbed" she told the man. But first she told him that he should gag her. So the man stuffed panties in her mouth and then wrapping tape around her face and over her mouth. Now left alone tightly bound and gagged, Pandora starte to get excited. "OMG what if this man pulls my girdle down and has his way with me!" she started to imagine. Although that thought excited her, she really had no desire to cheat on her husband. "But if I am tied up and cannot resist!" she started to think. But still the idea worried her. All of a sudden the man returned. He told her that if she wanted this to look real, he was going to have to do more to her. Pandora started to pantic when the man lifted her skirt. He then put her on her knees and added more tape. Finally, the man put her on the floor and started pulling her boobs out of her bra. Pandora stared to fear what the man was planning. But then he left her for her husband to find her all taped up with her tits out.

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