CRVY0046-Pepper Sterling-Curvy wife taped up by a cat suited Latina bad girl

14:26 video

Pepper was home alone when she was grabbed by a cat burglar named Sahrye. Pepper suddenly found herself being taken into her basement by this cat suited woman. Then as Sahrye brought a roll of duct tape, Pepper tried to reason with her. But Sahrye paid little attention to her as she quickly taped her up good and tight. Then to shut her big busted captive up, Sahrye stuffed her mouth with panties and packed them in tight with thick white tape. Sahrye then left Pepper to struggle bound and gagged as she went off to look for loot. A short time later, she returned to find her captive just the way she left her. Taped up tight and whimpering with her mouth packed full of panties. Sahrye showed Pepper all the nice things she found and Pepper realized that they were her best pieces of jewelry. Very depressed at the idea of losing these items, Pepper could only lay there and hope for a miracle. That's when Pepper found out that Sahrye had a thing for bondage. Especially bondage with girls tied up. Sahrye started showing a lot of interest in Pepper's body and pulled her skirt off so she could add more tape. Then so she could get a better look at her beautiful great big tits, Sahrye cut her top open and pulled her bra down. After fondling her a bit, Sahrye turned her attention to Pepper's nylon clad feet. All of a sudden, Sahrye heard noises from out side. This is when she found out Pepper had an alarm and the sounds she heard were the authorities on their way. So afraid of being caught, Sahrye ran out of the place without taking Pepper's jewelry.

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