MILF0051-Cleo Nicole-Look who is all tied up Now!

13:21 video

Cleo and her partner are pulling off a heist.  But they need to keep the lady who works at the place, out of the way.  To do this, Cleo lures her to a house. There she ties the lady up.  The video begin with Cleo standing over the woman (POV) You can hear the lady protest as Cleo reaches down to stuff a gag in her mouth.  After leaving the lady to struggle bound and gagged, Cleo leaves to call her partner to let him know, the lady is out of the way.  Little does Cleo know, but her captive finds a way to get loose.  The video then shifts to Cleo's partner for a very short time.  He seems to be out of breath as he calls her.  But, the phone rings without his partner Cleo answering.  The man explains to her voicemail that their plan did not work because the lady she was suppose to keep out of the way, showed up with lots of help. Meanwhile, Cleo hears her phone ringing.  But, she cannot answer.  Because someone has her taped up tight and gagged.  Cleo struggles to the phone, but she cannot answer. Cleo struggles hard to get loose.  She works her way to her bedroom door. But she is not able to get the door open.  About the only thing Cleo is able to accomplish, is to get her blouse buttons to pop loose so her big tits are now exposed.  

I needed to use a guest model (Olivia Rose) for a cameo appearance as Cleo's captive. 

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